The traditional American front porch... it's where we welcome friends and family into our home. It's where we sit and enjoy their company. It's the place where we go to escape the stress of daily life and take the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy life.

The last thing you want to worry about is the work required to keep your porch beautiful, and that's where Louisiana Building Products can offer you the solution of a lifetime.

We offer a wide variety of porch products to help you create the design that best suits your way of life. Best of all, many of our products require little or no maintenance and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Our products include Permacast fiberglass porch columns, column caps and bases, PermaWrap PVC column wraps, PermaLite square columns, wood columns, porch railing, porch posts, porch ceiling panels, balustrade systems, and pergolas.

In addition to our lifetime guarantee, we are unmatched in customer care and technical support. Our highly-trained staff are waiting to answer any questions you may have. Our Architectural department is eager to assist in custom applications as well as creating a custom product or product line to ensure you get exactly what you need.


Siding comes in many styles, colors, textures and types, and choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.Siding insulates from weather and protects from baseballs. But you knew that. Yet with more and more choices in styles, textures, types and colors, siding can do more than cover your investment. It can be as much a part of your home's architecture, mood and mojo as front porches and gables. It can showcase complementary materials and transform homes that were once invisible into the new kids on the block.

Think about the style of your home-be it Ranch, Cape Cod, Cottage or Victorian-and how you want to feel the next time you drive up to it. Or how you felt the first time you fell for it. You can accomplish great things with siding.